Inclusive Technology

Switch Access Measure (SAM) – Novita

All clinicians, educators and researchers who wish to use the SAM need to complete training to become certified users.

By successfully completing SAM certification training, participants will gain competency in the understanding of:

  • Intended use, clinical rationale and literature in the field
  • The SAM’s development process and fundamental psychometric properties
  • The SAM manual and form
  • Assessment session set up, videoing and administration protocols
  • Use of the SAM rating scale criteria and manual guidelines to score 16 switch skill performance skills: 6 motor, 2 visual and 8 process (cognitive) skills from videos of goal-directed activity based sessions
  • Use of findings from the SAM to guide goal setting, clinical reasoning, interventions and funding applications

Suitable for: Educators working in special education and mainstream settings with students using switching technologies.

Webinar - Literacy Support Tools for All Learners – SERU

This webinar will showcase a range of reading and writing support tools that schools usually investigate to cater for neurodiverse learners. The demonstration of these tools will provide a comparison of their key features which will enable participants to have a greater knowledge of software that benefits all learners. Software to be showcased during this webinar (in this order): Clicker 7, DocsPlus, Read and Write, ClaroRead, Ghotit, WordQ and Dragon. This session is suited to schools unsure of ‘where to next’ with selecting, trialling and implementing technology for inclusion.

Suitable for: Primary and secondary educators.


Boardmaker - Creating Print Resources – SERU

Boardmaker software program (version 6) is used to develop and produce visual tools. Participants will learn to make a range of resources (e.g. visual schedules, sequencing tasks, vocabulary banks, scaffolded instructions). This workshop is suitable for those who are new to Boardmaker 6 or wanting to update their skills to develop resources.

Simple ways to jump into STEM – SERU

This practical workshop will showcase a range of emerging digital technologies that supports the implementation of STEM. Participants will become familiar with and evaluate newly acquired specialised kits that will soon be made available to SERU borrowers. The kits have been developed for special education settings and students with disability in the early years and middle primary. Practical classroom ideas will be explored in the areas of Virtual Reality, coding without robots and the foundations of robotics.

Suitable for: Educators working in special classes and disability units or with students with disability within R-5 mainstream classes.

Webinar - Audio Notetaker – SERU

Sonocent AudioNotetaker supports the note-taking process with its unique ability to visually enhance audio in an interactive workspace. Originally designed for students with dyslexia in higher education, the universal design features of Audio Notetaker enables all students to more effectively capture, process and annotate spoken information. Participants will be guided through its capabilities as a multimodal office suite with a range of research, note-taking, podcasting/videocasting, storytelling and formal writing activities. This webinar is an opportunity to evaluate the merits of providing Audio Notetaker to students requiring adjustments to complete their Research Project.

Suitable for: Upper primary and secondary educators.

Webinar - iPad Accessibility – SERU

This webinar will explore the accessibility features built in to the latest version of the iPad’s operating system and learn how these features can be leveraged to better access the curriculum. Time will be allocated for participants to personalise the settings of their own iOS device during the session.

Suitable for: All educators.

Webinar - Social Stories – SERU

This webinar will showcase a range of apps that create highly personalised social stories that contain various media elements. Key planning considerations based upon context and student need will also be highlighted.  Participant understanding of social story construction is assumed.

Suitable for: All educators.