Disability Support

Oral Eating and Drinking (OEDS) workshop – Novita

This workshop provides information and practical knowledge for people working with children who require oral eating and drinking support. Novita’s highly qualified staff provide participants with practical, relevant information about safe practices to support children with these needs, as per Department for Education and Child Development (DECD) requirements.

  • Enhance your understanding of mealtime experiences by working through case studies of children and adolescents with oral eating and drinking difficulties
  • Improve your knowledge of the normal swallowing process and swallowing disorders
  • Provide strategies for safe practices when supporting children with eating and drinking difficulties
  • Clarify components of the Oral Eating & Drinking Care Plans


Transfer and Positioning Support (TAPS) workshop – Novita

When working with a student who requires support with their movement, transfers or positioning it is important to consider the safety of the student and yourself.  The TAPS workshop, led by therapists with expertise in working with children with disabilities, provides information, and practical knowledge on how best to do this. This includes the use of Transfer and Positioning Care plans as per Department for Education and Child Development (DECD) requirements for health support planning.

  • Upskill to confidently address worksite risk assessments for health support planning around the transfer and positioning needs of individuals
  • Obtain strategies for safe practices when supporting children and adolescents with individual mobility, transfer and positioning support needs
  • Provide transfer and positioning support in line with individual care plans