Saint John the Apostle Parish School

Winnerah Rd, PO Box 116, Christies Beach SA 5165

St John’s are justifiably proud of our Dominican history and traditions whilst providing a dynamic, vibrant and contemporary co-educational experience for all  our students. Importantly, they are a strong and supportive community who seeks to know and nurture each individual child & family. They continue to build on the Dominican ethos of “Veritas” - Truth. This search for truth encourages us to hear and live the Word of God. The Dominican spirit continues to enhance community life at St Johns today. St John's school values permeate everything they do as a school community.

St John's students are encouraged to be:

  • Open a relationship with God and know that God loves them unconditionally
  • Collaborative and able to relate to others with understanding and integrity
  • Generous and compassionate community members who respect the dignity of others
  • Hope-filled and resilient in their outlook on life and the future