We asked young people living with disability what ways they were excluded at school

At Purple Orange, our mission is to create a world where all people living with disability get a fair go at everything life has to offer. If we don't get it right at a school setting we can't expect to get it right throughout the rest of life. That's why we are running the Inclusive School Communities Project, a project aimed at equipping schools with the knowledge and experience they need to provide an inclusive education to all their students.
If kids grow up studying and playing alongside kids who live with disability, then it's no big leap later in life to work alongside colleagues who live with disability, or to hire and be hired by people living with disability.
It also means that all those kids destined to be future business owners, CEOs and managers will already get the importance of accessibility because it will just be the norm.
If, on the other hand, kids living with disability grow up separated from those who don't, then how can we expect them to thrive in the wider community as adults? It is not just people living with disability who lose, but all of society, whether they realise it or not. Diversity brings new perspectives, innovation and creativity. Just imagine what ideas we have missed out on by practices that have not allowed so many people to thrive.
In the below video, we hear from young adults living with disability about how they were excluded in school. Warning - It's upsetting to hear, but it's important because but we need to know what ways we are getting it wrong, in order to improve.