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Belonging Matters

A small not for profit community education and advisory service developed by individuals and families who have a passion for social inclusion. Aims to inspire people with a disability, their families and allies to enable people with a disability to have opportunities and pathways typical of other citizens in the community - lives that are personally fulfilling, unique, socially inclusive and empowering.

Department for Education (South Australia)

State government department responsible for the learning and development of South Australian children and young people in the public education system. Led by Rick Persse who was appointed as Chief Executive in June 2016 and John Gardner who was appointed as Minister for Education after the March 2018 state election. The vision is to build a stronger future for our children by making South Australia’s education system world-class.

Inclusion Works!

Inclusion Works! purpose is to empower educators to enhance the learning environment for ALL children to achieve their full potential. Lead organisation in the development and delivery of educational resources and services to enhance learning, development and inclusion for children.

Special Education Resource Unit

SERU is a corporate unit of the Department for Education, within the directorate of Disability Policy and Programs. SERU is a statewide service providing support to parents/carers and Department personnel to enhance the learning outcomes of children and students with disability and learning difficulty. They offer a range of comprehensive support and learning opportunities for parents/carers and educators to better cater for students. Site based training and development can be negotiated.

Queensland Collective for Inclusive Education

Group of families who promote inclusive lives for their children with disability and work together to make inclusive schools a reality for all.


All Means All

All Means All is the Australian Alliance for Inclusive Education, a nationwide multi-stakeholder alliance of people and organisations working together to implement an inclusive education system and remove the legal, structural and attitudinal barriers that limit the rights of some students, including many students with disability, to access full inclusive education in regular classrooms in Australian schools.

Australian Association of Special Education (AASE)

AASE is a broad-based non-categorical association concerned with all who have special education needs. AASE aims to: Advocate on behalf of people with special education needs to ensure provision of and access to quality education services; and Provide a range of quality services to members and the wider community. AASE organises a very successful and informative National Conference each year. AASE hosts a wealth of documents and helpful resources that are posted by our chapters around Australia.

Australian Coalition for Inclusive Education (ACIE)

The Australian Coalition for Inclusive Education (ACIE) is an initiative bringing together organisations that share a commitment to advance Inclusive Education in Australia and across State and Territory education systems including government and non-government schools.

Illume Learning

Illume Learning provides dynamic training, engaging resources and customised consultancy services to both educators and parents. The team at Illume Learning are passionate about ensuring that students with diverse learning needs reach their potential and welcome the opportunity to work together to ensure this becomes a reality.

Inclusive Schools Australia

Born from combined passion to see all young people reach their full potential and for all young people to have access to quality learning opportunities at school. Inclusive Schools Australia believes that inclusive schools welcome and respond to the diverse needs of all young people and their families. Inclusive schools ask “How do we successfully include all students?



Located a short distance north of Boston, CAST is a nonprofit education research and development organization that works to expand learning opportunities for all individuals through Universal Design for Learning.


Ollibean connects families, self-advocates, & professionals in the cross-disability community to help create online and offline communities in order to help us all make informed decisions, share stories and work together to create a more socially just, inclusive world. Provides access to online forums and communities, information about inclusion-related causes, and a wide variety of free resources about inclusive education.

National Inclusion Project

Operates on three core beliefs: EVERY child can participate, EVERY child can make a friend and EVERY child can succeed. Provides recreational programs and community organizations the tools and training they need to serve ALL children in their communities.

Including Samuel Project

Part of the Institute on Disability/UCED, a non-profit organization at the University of New Hampshire. The project’s mission is to build more inclusive schools and communities through curriculum, training, and outreach.

Inclusive Schooling

Julie Causton, PhD and Kate MacLeod, PhD co-founded Inclusive Schooling in order to support administrators, educators and parents who wish to create more caring, creative inclusive schools for all learners. Inclusive Schooling offers live and online courses, workshops, presentations and innovative support focused on creating and supporting more inclusive schools.


National technical assistance center that builds whole system—state, district, school, and community—capacity to provide academic and behavioral support to improve outcomes for all students. Passionate about transforming U.S. public education so that all students are welcomed and included in their neighbourhood schools and age appropriate general education classrooms with support.

The IRIS Center

Free, engaging online resources about evidence-based instructional and behavioural practices to support the education of all students, particularly struggling learners and those with disabilities. The array of IRIS resources includes modules, case studies, information briefs, course/PD activities, a high-leverage practices alignment tool, and an online glossary of disability-related terms as well as supporting products to enhance their use in coursework and PD activities.

UDL Center

The National Center on Universal Design for Learning at CAST. Mission is to shine a spotlight on the stories, people, ideas, and conversations about and around the transformative framework: Universal Design for Learning. Works to cultivate and enhance the fi­eld of UDL.